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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

The London City Runners’ café & bar is now officially open for business!

On 31 July 2018, we were lucky enough to have running royalty, Brendan Foster CBE, open our venue. The three-time Olympian and Olympic bronze medalist is also the founder of the Great North Run, and was recognisable as one of the leading voices of the BBC’s athletics coverage and the London Marathon until his recent retirement.

Mr Foster spoke to the club about how running has changed enormously since he first started. From a sport which only elites used to take part in, running has now exploded in popularity and become the ‘cool thing to do’ for a very diverse group of people. He expressed how London City Runners is an excellent example of this, and has become a place where people can run as much as they want and to the best of their abilities, but are also able to find a social connection with other runners.

After the runners departed for their Tuesday night 5 or 10K, we had the opportunity to chat a bit more with Mr Foster, who revealed to us in an ‘exclusive’ that the best recovery drink is in fact a lager shandy!  Apparently recommended by a team doctor who shall remain nameless, the alcohol from the beer helps to relax your body, allowing the sugar from the lemonade to be absorbed and used more readily. All the more reason to buy one from the bar following your Sunday long run!

Having Brendan Foster open the new home of London City Runners was the culmination of a lot of hard work on the part of Tim and Kerry, and many dedicated volunteers from the club, who laboured tirelessly to make the arch into a home. This was only the first of many exciting events to come, so you’ll definitely want to watch this space!


Thanks to Andy for the fantastic photos!





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