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This document is to be signed by everyone, whether a member or non-member of London City Runners, who intends to use Southwark track (located at Southwark Athletics Centre, Hawkstone Road, London, SE16 2PE) (the "Track") during and around the hours its rented by London City Runners.

I the undersigned understand that by completing this form and entering the Track during and around the time it is rented by London City Runners I am agreeing to the following terms:

1. I am over 18 years old.


2. I confirm that I am fit enough to take part, and where necessary I have consulted a doctor and been deemed fit to partake in sessions of the nature of those held at the Track. I understand that if I have any health condition or injuries that may affect my ability to take part or which could put myself or others at risk I will inform the organiser(s) of the track session and any coaches or trainers (hereinafter known as "Run Leaders") who may be leading the session. I understand and accept that if I am deemed to be unfit to take part by a medical professional or the Run Leaders that my participation in the session will be refused until further notice. 

3. I shall wear appropriate clothing and footwear at all times at the Track, and will bring sufficient nutrition and hydration for the session.

4. I agree to act reasonably and respectfully towards all other people present at the session, including without limitation: volunteers, run leaders, paid staff, spectators, and other participants using the Track. I will treat all other participants with respect regardless of their athletic ability, age, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. I understand that I may be removed from the track and refused future entry if my behaviour is considered unacceptable and that I have no right to appeal such decision or request a refund for any fees paid in relation to my use of the Track.

5. I understand that I am to respect the premises and notify the Run Leaders of any hazards I identify. I shall not cause any damage to the premises or property, and shall immediately notify the Run Leaders of any damage I cause or that I see others causing. I shall fully indemnify London City Runners for any liability arising from damage I cause at the Track.

6. I understand that my entry and participation to sessions held at the Track is at the sole discretion or London City Runners and may be refused for any reason. London City Runners shall be under no obligation to provide an explanation should such entry or participation be refused.

7. If I am visiting as a Run Leader, commercial company, charity, journalist and/or am bringing a large number of other athletes with me I will contact the organisers of London City Runners beforehand to arrange this. 

8. During all times at the Track I shall ensure I am aware of and uphold all track etiquette rules. 

9. I understand that at some sessions there will be photographers or filming taking place. I will be informed of this ahead of the session and if I do not want to feature in this media I will let the organisers know ahead of time.

10. Finally, I understand that I am participating in sessions at the Track at my own risk. I will not hold London City Runners, the Run Leaders, Everyone Active, or Southwark Council in any way liable for any incident, accident, injury, loss of property or any other damage or loss I have suffered or howsoever caused. I will fully indemnify London City Runners for any liability I cause them while in attendance at the Track howsoever arising.


Last Updated March 2022

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