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From 15th December 2021 onwards



London City Runners is free to join and most sessions are free to participate in. The only exceptions are our track sessions at Southwark Park, certain ticketed events and courses, and the affiliated membership of the club which is an optional extra. From Jan 2022 onwards, in order to come for a run with us it is first necessary to register on our website and agree to follow our code of conduct below.

Please note that affiliated members are covered further by the rules set out in our England Athletics constitution.

We also have a separate Track Code of Conduct that you will be asked to agree to when you book a track session or event with us. This will be provided when you book your ticket and protects the liability of the track operator, the council, and the coaches present.




This club exists to get people into running and keep them running! We do this by hosting sessions, courses, and events, and building a successful community of running around our local area and our clubhouse. Our unrivalled success over the last 12 years is due to our ethos and the amazing atmosphere at our sessions. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes for the club to run smoothly, most of which has been undertaken on a voluntary basis by dedicated and hardworking individuals. Our rules have been written to ensure the club and its online forums continue to be a great atmosphere for ourselves, our staff and volunteers, and for our members and visitors.

In order to join any running sessions from 2022 onwards, it will be required to register as a member via our website beforehand. This is free, but you will be asked to provide some personal data which will protected by our data protection policy below. You can unregister and request for your data to be deleted at any time.

By being part of the club, you agree to reasonable behaviour towards our venues, our coaches, volunteers and staff, and other members of the club. Any behaviour deemed inappropriate, offensive, or which undermines the club’s volunteers or activities will put your participation in the club at risk. This conduct covers both online and offline behaviour. We reserve the right to remove members and visitors who are disrespectful or otherwise disruptive, and they will not be welcome at future sessions or at the clubhouse. We also reserve the right to refuse membership of the club to any person for any reason in our absolute discretion.


Please do not use the club network to sell or promote your own individual causes. We have a large Facebook audience and we frequently have to remove content that is promotional or not suitable for our audience. To keep the content engaging and relevant to our club we reserve the right to take posts down and we will remove profiles from our Facebook groups if deemed necessary. We also reserve the right to occasionally do a clear out of our huge membership list by removing profiles and data of those who haven’t attended or participated in the club in a long time. This keeps our audience relevant to our club and ensures we are not holding unnecessary personal data. If you have not been with us for a while but are removed from the group and want to be reinstated just email us.



Photographs may be taken by London City Runners for publicity reasons at our sessions and the resulting images may be published on our social media, website, or made the subject or intellectual rights by us. By running with us you agree you may appear in these photographs and agree to this use. Let us know in advance if you do not wish to be photographed.



We recommend runners don’t use personal music devices while running with us. This is so you are aware of your surroundings and can hear instructions. Please also show consideration of other road and pavement users during your runs.



The minimum age to run with us is 18.

By taking part in a run with London City Runners you do so at your own risk and the club is not liable for any injury, loss, death or damage resulting from you taking part.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit to run. You must acknowledge that any form of running can be hazardous and strenuous, and you shouldn’t take part unless capable of completing the full distance. Please take medical advice before attending if necessary and consider whether you need medical insurance to run. We reserve the right to stop you taking part if deemed unfit before running with us. If urgent medical treatment is necessary during the run this should be sought from UK emergency services.

You are ultimately responsible for any belongings you leave in our venue during your run. We will endeavour to keep an eye on these belongings but please do not leave anything valuable and understand that we are not liable for any losses.


Last Updated 23 Nov 2021

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