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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

This is a guest post courtesy of Molly.

I first turned up at the Marquis of Wellington on my own on a chilly Tuesday evening, a little apprehensive and not knowing what to expect. Having just moved to London I was keen to meet some like-minded people and explore the city. I really needn’t have worried! I couldn’t have wished for a friendlier, more welcoming group of runners. I bought an LCR hoodie that same night and almost two years later I’m still wearing it with pride. A couple of things really struck me about the club: one, that everyone really is that nice, and the second that yes, it really is completely free.

One of the great and unique things about the club is that it’s open to everyone and this has only been possible through Tim and Kerry committing so much of their time and energy to make it happen. So when I heard the exciting news that we were getting our own clubhouse, but that to make it work we’d need to rely on volunteers, I was really keen to help out. Soon enough I went from novice bar-tender to proficient pint-pourer and learnt skills such as how to change a barrel as well as make our crowd-pleasing espresso martinis.

Whether it’s chatting to tired runners after their sessions or serving pale ale to beer-mile-crawlers on a busy Saturday, working behind the bar is a real laugh, and I’ve learnt so much about the ins and outs of how it all works.

Through volunteering at the club I’ve met some truly super people, some of which I would honestly class as close friends of mine. I love telling newbies and members of the public all about the club, its history and the fantastic people that make it all happen.

Want to be one of those fantastic people I’m always raving about? You’re in luck… there are a few different ways you can give back to the club! Working behind the bar is a great way to meet other members of the club, become a master barrel-changer and learn how to make a mean flat white. Bar work not your thing? We’re always looking for volunteers on our runs too… If you’re looking to inspire other runners and help get more people into our fantastic sport, volunteering your time on Mondays for the Couch to 5K sessions is a good way to go. If you fancy picking up the pace, why not volunteer to run an intervals sessions on Thursday or help out with our new track sessions on Wednesdays? What better way to give back to the club and to Tim and Kerry, than to give your time and enthusiasm. You’ll pick up some great friends and skills along the way too.

You can volunteer to lead one of the Thursday interval sessions.

If you’d like to volunteer, please email Thank you!


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