Running Technique Workshop (Wed 6th Feb 2019)


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Wednesday 6th Feb at 7pm. “Running technique : how to make yourself a more efficient runner”.

Another presentation by Richard Coates that covers:

  • Understanding what’s right and what’s wrong with running technique
  • Practical tips to improve your technique
  • Strength and conditioning to support your technique
  • Why your hips are important
  • Why mobility / flexibility has an important role to play

There will be drinks afterwards and a raffled prize!


This is the 2nd of a series of workshops we are hosting during 2019 to help runners with race training. It is suitable for every level of runner. Keep posted for other workshops soon covering nutrition, physio, running form, and many more from experienced speakers

About Richard Coates:

Richard Coates is a coach and director at Full Potential, and is one of the UK’s leading coaches and industry experts.

Running has always been a part of my life and I’ve been running regularly since my early teenage years…  I’ve been inspired to run many races around the world that have included over 60 marathon and ultra-marathons. I love the camaraderie; outdoors environment and personal challenge of endurance sports so am currently training to better my marathon time down under 3 hrs whilst tackling an off road ultra in the summer with some time mountaineering in the Alps too. Since joining Full Potential in 2012 as a coach and director, I aim to share my knowledge and experience. I want to inspire the runners I coach to complete their own personal challenges and to enjoy experience through running and fitness. I take great pride in seeing my clients succeed. If they smile, then I do too!”


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