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NB by becoming a member you agree to our Terms & Conditions. As a volunteer sports group we are an unincorporated association.

Lovely, supportive club with a range of training options and abilities – something for everybody!


Will there be somewhere I can leave my bag?
Yes your bag/belongings will be secure while you are running but it’s advisable not to bring valuables and you leave them at your own risk.
Are you really free
YES – we are completely free to join and participate in! All we ask is that if you wish to take advantage of the time and effort we put into organising the club you abide by our terms and conditions.
Can I get changed there?
It’s possible but everybody arrives changed.
What if everyone is faster than me, will I be running alone?
We have three speed groups. Some of our members can run marathons in less than 2hrs 30mins and some members will be doing a 5k for the very first time. The most important thing is that you enjoy it at whatever pace you are comfortable with.
How can I give back?
The club is completely free. It’s run by volunteers. To give back the best thing you can do is buy our merchandise. If you are intested in becoming a sponsor then we would be delighted to hear from you and promote you on our website. Please email

If you still have a question, please Contact Us.

NB. To join the Facebook group where we publicise our various races, socials and foreign trips you’ll need to add Tim Navin-Jones as a friend. Then it really is a matter of just turning up, it’s all very relaxed and friendly.